PHOTOGALERY – hotel building, rooms, dining hall etc. + some trip destinations

Note: The photos are clickable.

Hotel front - entrance
Terrace at the back of the hotel
Parking lot in front of the hotel
Hotel pool
Front view
Rear view
Hotel – front view
Ski-areal Branna (cca 9 km)
Ski-areal Frantiskov (1,5 km)
Ski-areal Petrikov (17 km)
Court in winter
Winter above the hotel
Our minibus
Court behind the hotel
Evening party
Campfire and playground
Double-bedded room
Three-bedded room
Four-bedded room
Restaurant - standard setting
Restaurant - festive setting
Bar in the restaurant
Children's room
Club room with a TV set
Table tennis in the club room
Hotel foyer
Corridor on the 2nd floor
Separate shower enclosures
Hotel staircase
View from the balcony of a room
on the 2nd floor
Hotel terrace
Hotel surroundings I
Hotel surroundings II
Velké Losiny castle
Courtyard of the Velké Losiny castle
View from the nearby
Tři kameny vista
Praděd en route from Ovčárna
En route to Velká kotlina
View of Petrovy kameny

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