History of Jindřichov na Moravě

Jindřichov na Moravě was founded in 1953 and belongs to the Šumperk district, although the name Jindřichov first appeared at the end of 1862. The evidence of this is the document submitted to the then district authority in Vizmberk (currently Loučná) on 25. 11. 1862, and the processing document of the district authority from 10. 12. 1862. It was the name of a small settlement around a paper mill which started to be built in place of an old water mill that year.

The municipality was formed by merging the settlement Pleče (part of Habartice), the entire village of Pusté Žibřidovice with settlements Pekařov and Sklenné, part of Hanušovice, Vikantice, and Nové Losiny. Each of these parts has its own history.

In 2000, Pusté Žibřidovice celebrated the 675th anniversary of its foundation. Habartice was added to Jindřichov in 1968, and the remaining part of Nové Losiny with the settlements Labe and Františkov were added in 1976, so Jindřichov had 1472 inhabitants and covered an area of 48.5 km2 at the beginning of 1980s. The municipality's development was most influenced by the cellulose and paper plant, especially by its purposeful construction of housing for its employees. The first 52 flats were given for use to the families of the cellulose and paper plant employees in the new locations Kozmálov (named after the general manager Kozmál) and Rakousko (which means Austria in Czech - named after the type purchased in Austria) in 1951.

The plant built additional 12 buildings with 48 flats in Nová Kolonie in 1961, with additional 6 prefab flats in the Rakousko estate and 5 prefab detached houses near Nová Kolonie at the turn of 1970. 2 more prefab houses ("okal" type) with four housing units were built in l981. 16 additional flats were finished in 1981, and 32 flats were finished in spring 1982 as in the form of a cooperative. The kindergarten, nursery, and health centre were built in 1965 above the saw mill, currently serving as a primary school, kindergarten, school canteen, and health centre of the general practitioner, dentist's office, paediatrician's office, and antenatal clinic.

The prefab blocks of flats above Stará Kolonie were finished in 1992 (2 cooperative blocks with 46 flats, and 1 state-owned with 23 flats), which solved the housing crisis for some time. The management of the state farm also took care of its employees, and built 2 blocks with ten flats in 1973. The inhabitants of Jindřichov built themselves the Community Centre in 1976 - 78, to which the offices of local authority were moved, and where a large conference room was furnished; there is also a gym with a stage, and a pub ion the ground floor. The House of Services was built in 1982 - 84, with a post office, pharmacy, confectioner's, hairdresser's, newsagent's, chemist's, local library, and the Pensioner's Club library.

A grocer's was built in a prefab house ("okal" type), and a pub with a butcher's on the ground floor opposite the grocer's in Pusté Žibřidovice. Both buildings were sold to Jednota and are currently out of service. There were two schools in Habartice after the liberation, one by the church which was given to the state farm and served as accommodation for seasonal workers during grain and potato harvest, the other one in Pleče which was closed due to lack of pupils and is currently being converted into 10 flats. Another school, in Pusté Žibřidovice, has also been closed and converted into flats. The school in Nové Losiny was converted into a retirement home in 1982 with 14 beds in 13 rooms.

There are churches in Jindřichov - in Pusté Žibřidovice, Nové Losiny, and Habartice, and a little church in Pekařov. There were presbyteries by the churches in Pusté Žibřidovice and Nové Losiny, which were sold and currently serve for recreational purposes. The pub in Habartice was closed, the U nádraží restaurant is still open, and newly includes a grocer's, and grocer's shops have been restored in Nové Losiny and in Pusté Žibřidovice.


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